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      I am taking the family (wife and 3 kids under 18) to Australia and New Zealand next summer and am trying to figure out whether it makes sense to get travel insurance or subscribe to one of those medical evacuation services. We’ll be going to some pretty remote places (Tasmania, Perth, Queenstown) and want to make sure we are prepared if one of us gets ill or injured. Would love to hear from people who have experience with this sort of service.

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      Self insure, that’s what I do. Works out better if you travel a couple of times a year. At least for me.

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      If you use an American Express card, you automatically get minimal travel insurance when you book with your card.

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      I have carefully studied several of these insurance contracts and have concluded they are not worth the money. You have to be virtually near death before you’ll get a real medivac benefit. Most countries you go to have better medical facilities than in most of the USA, and if you have health insurance here, it will probably pay for out of country medical costs if there was an emergency, which, I assume, it would be your case. I have used local doctors in Indonesia and Canada. In Indonesia, the costs were so small I just paid them. In Canada, my insurance company was billed and paid the claim.

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