The Bucket Podcast

Welcome to The Bucket Podcast — a series of interviews that features an eclectic mix of people who all share one thing in common — they’re all going to die. But does being aware of that change the way they live? That’s the question host and The Bucket founder, David Abend, asks them in a fascinating collection of stories that explore the concept — and value — of mortality-based living.


16. Tunng: Talks Dead Club

When the band Tunng set out to create an album about death and grieving they were entering untracked territory. Hear why, and how, they did it and the impact they have made with their audience.

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14. Katy Butler: Trust Your Heart

Trust your heart. That’s the advice of Katy Butler, best-selling author of The Art of Dying Well, and strong believer in how acknowledging mortality can help improve our lives, and deaths.

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