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      Bert Pope

      Can anyone provide tips for how to keep grounded during this time?

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      David Abend

      Hey Bert, did you ever see the movie “Oh God” with John Denver (Jerry) and George Burns (God)? I remember a scene in which God shows up in Jerry’s bathroom while he’s taking a shower. Jerry is throw for a loop. And God tells him to shave. Jerry asks him why and God says, “Sometimes when you don’t feel normal, doing a normal thing makes you feel normal”. I always thought that was great advice. What normal things can you do to make you feel normal?

      Here’s the clip.

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      Get dressed, and get ready for the day! Whether that’s putting on a collared shirt, styling your hair, applying makeup, or going for your early morning run, get ready for the day! Sure, staying in your pajamas can be nice for a day or two, but it definitely gets old and definitely won’t help you stay grounded.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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