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      Recently my husband and I decided to sell our house and move to…we don’t know yet. We both took early retirement from our jobs but we don’t have enough saved to just kick back on the golf course. Our plan is to drive across country and stop for a few weeks at a time in different places until we find jobs in a place we like. Our kids think we’re nuts. Just wondering if anyone else out there has tried this and can tell us what to expect.

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      Courtney Cohen

      What an amazing idea! I don’t know anyone who has done that, but I think it is a great way to find a new place to live.

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      Bert Pope

      I have not tried this, but a few friends of ours have moved west to the mountains. They have all said there is so much to do, as well as part time jobs to keep themselves busy.

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      We live on the East Coast — but last summer when we were in Jackson Hole WY we met a couple who did something like this! Recently retired. Sold their house (I can’t remember where they were from) and were driving from National Park to National Park, picking up jobs for a month or two and then moving on. When we met them, she was scooping ice cream and he was cooking hot dogs on the grill at The Creamery in Yellowstone.

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      1 11

      @newyorkfasion1 How’s it going? Are you on the road yet?

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      Seriously interesting if you have the guts and the traditional things that hold you back go awry. We downsized and then my husband got laid off. Really hard to find a job and if it weren’t for aging pets, this might be an option in 2020. Who knows?!.

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