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  • David Jackson
  • Co-founder, CEO
  • Bucket Age: 23

David Jackson, Co-founder, CEO

As co-founder and CEO of The Bucket, Dave is responsible for creating, planning and implementing everything from strategic initiatives to business partnerships. His deep, broad background in marketing and advertising includes both agency account management and client leadership positions. While in senior roles at large multinational agencies, Dave spent years guiding global brands like P&G, Gillette, Fidelity, British Airways, PricewaterhouseCoopers and General Mills. He’s been a managing partner at independent and entrepreneurial agencies and has worked on the client side in marketing leadership roles at iRobot and cloud-archiving startup Sonian. For Dave, the benefit of The Bucket’s no-apologies approach to mortality is best articulated in our article, Words to Live By: How writing your own obituary can change your life.