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Concord Journal

February 10, 2020

Where did the idea for The Bucket come from, and when did it all begin? The Bucket’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, David Abend, talks to The Concord Journal about how The Bucket is hoping to make people rethink what they will do with the last 20+ years of their lives.

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Boston Podcast

February 19, 2020

What is your Bucket Age, and why does it matter? Listen to David Abend, Founder of The Bucket, as he chats openly with David Yas, Host of The Boston Podcast, about The Bucket. How will embracing one’s mortality help them to lead a more fulfilling life? Listen and hear what David has to say.

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Press Release

January 15, 2020

With original content by authors, experts and celebrities, The Bucket is a NEW online magazine that hopes to inspire people to lead more fulfilling lives by acknowledging their own mortality. Read the full press release.

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Boston Business Journal

May 27, 2020

Living ‘fully’ isn’t necessarily about once-in-a-lifetime trips and adventures, it’s about setting your priorities, doing things that make you happy, and living your life so that when your time comes, you die without regrets. Read more in The Bucket’s recent spotlight in Boston’s Business Journal.

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Death by Design Podcast

July 7, 2020

How can embracing one’s own mortality help them live a more fulfilling life? Listen to David Abend, Founder of The Bucket, as he chats with Kimberly C. Paul, Host of Death by Design about just that.

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Brainz. Magazine

October 20, 2020

No one likes thinking about their own death. But when you start living your life with the end in mind, decision making becomes so much easier. And life can become more exciting. Check out this insightful article by Mark Sephton on Brainz Magazine.

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