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  • My wife has a folder with information on all our assets, insurance, etc and where to find everything. She updates it every time we go away on an extended vacation. Let your kids know where the folder is before you go. Just remember, if you die while away, getting back is not your problem.

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    Update only when there is a change of conditions. Sometimes, evaluating if you need a change before extended travel is a good trigger.

    in reply to: How much does it cost to set up an estate plan? #2944

    A simple but adequate estate plan can probably cost as little as $1000. You have to have some idea of what you want beforehand

    in reply to: Who do you pick as executor? #2943

    If you don’t want to choose one child, choose a trusted attorney, preferably an estate attorney as executor. Don’t give it to a bank. Can you spread the tasks, such as giving one your health care proxy, another child for your spouse’s HCP Sometimes, your children can work it out if one is more attuned to executorship.

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    We always travel off-peak. If you are not tied to school, work, drs appts. why not? Benefits include lower prices, easier reservations, a lot more attention from the locals and tourist offices, no crowds, no lines. Even travelling to northern countries, except for a couple of winter months there is plenty of daylight for a full day of sightseeing. I also never use any of the on-line travel sites. I reserve on a hotel’s or airline’s website. It takes more time, but you usually get their lowest price, best options and you are subject to fewer screw-ups. Sometimes calling a hotel directly can get you the best deal or upgrade. We also go for city center hotels–fewer, if any local cab fares. Also use local public transportation. It’s part of the experience, and locals almost always help out with language, fare info etc. If you get into a real bind, it will probably be the thing you remember most about the trip.

    in reply to: Travel Insurance? Is it worth it? #2672

    I have carefully studied several of these insurance contracts and have concluded they are not worth the money. You have to be virtually near death before you’ll get a real medivac benefit. Most countries you go to have better medical facilities than in most of the USA, and if you have health insurance here, it will probably pay for out of country medical costs if there was an emergency, which, I assume, it would be your case. I have used local doctors in Indonesia and Canada. In Indonesia, the costs were so small I just paid them. In Canada, my insurance company was billed and paid the claim.

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    There are places that have “memory” sections where both parents can live, even if one is not impaired. They don’t have to be separated. There are lots of places that have a “memory” unit where the impaired person would live separately,, but under the same roof. But you may have to pay double or at least discounted for the second unit.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)