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      How can we support local businesses now that they have shut down?

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      I’ve read a lot of posts about buying online gift cards if available, and continuing to get take-out if you feel comfortable doing so. If you’re going to eat there in the future anyways, why not purchase a gift card now? Share, share, share. When you see a local (or non local) business post something on social media that your friends and family might be interested in, share it on your channel. Help them spread the word.

      Oh, and this is a sensitive one for some, but if you can afford it, continue paying places like your local daycare, house cleaner, etc.

      I’d love other ideas if people have them.

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      We are doing same — purchasing gift cards, placing online orders (to be filled at a later date), paying housekeeper, etc.

      Our local yoga studio is currently offering free online classes once a day — I also purchased a subscription to their online program $19/month in addition.

      A lot of our local schools are also putting up donation pages to help offset the costs of providing lunches and moving classes/resources home.

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      Oh, and the other thing my family has done, is donate to our church’s relief fund. They use this fund to support those in need within our own community during difficult times.

      I love all of the Facebook LIVE videos, YouTube videos, and Zoom meetings that instructors are creating so people can keep active at home. Seeing the community come together is so wonderful to see.

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      David Abend

      It is a dilemma. I want to help local businesses but it is safer for me to order from Amazon or some other etailer. (And yes, I do clean my hands after touching the box, or use gloves, and then clean whatever is in the box). I’m afraid I can’t put my health at risk just to help a local business.

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