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      Any teachers: I’m looking for tips for converting my in-person class to online learning next week. I currently teach a studio-based graphic design course to juniors at university. We meet 2x/week for 4-hour classes. We have access to Zoom — but I can’t imagine how to keep 11 students engaged for that amount of time.

      I’m thinking to start every class at 9 am with everyone for about 15 minutes, and end every class with everyone for a closing 15 minutes. To give students a chance to speak in general to the class. On Tuesdays, I may run the class as independent critiques in small groups — with an occasional lecture or lesson, then breaking into small groups to discuss. On Thursdays, meeting with each student individually for 15-20 minutes each for one-on-one critique.

      Any suggestions or tips are most welcome!

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      I am not a teacher, but if I put myself in the shoes of a student I think your plan sounds reasonable. I attended Photography school and we had classroom critiques every week. Would that work for you? I see you have one on one critiques already on the schedule. Good luck!

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      Morgan Baker

      I converted my in-person classes – and most of mine are not through zoom – allowing the students to write (they are writing classes) and submit and then we all critique and send back. Definitely miss seeing the students, but hard to hold Zoom when students are all over the country now. I did do one last night for when I had a guest speaker and it went well. I think flexibility and enthusiasm and caring about the students is all we can do.It sounds like you have figured out a great balance.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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