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Home Forums Mortality Adult children: What do you want to find in the attic?

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      My wife and I are joining the decluttering movement and couldn’t get past the first box of letters we sent each other in college. We get great joy from them, but we’re wondering if our kids will feel the same way. And we don’t feel like asking them. Just wanted to know if anyone who has recently gone through a diseased parents attic can tell us what they enjoyed finding and what they didn’t.

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      I went through this a year ago! Fortunately, we had gone through my parents things when they down sized to an apartment, so there wasn’t too much stuff to go through. One piece of advice I would have is label photos/important items. We went through a ton of old photos with my parents and loved knowing who was in the photos, when they were taken and where. I know if I had found all of those photos once they had passed, I would not be able to track down that information.

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      Great advice! My mom also had a ‘garage sale’ on her dining room table when my parents downsized years ago. So my brothers and I could ‘shop’ for things before they went to goodwill.

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      Alyssa O’Mara

      I would want to find anything that would help me know my parents more. Who they were as young adults, hopes, dreams etc. So those letters would be fabulous. Your crutches from when you slipped on the ice 20 years ago, not so much. 🙂

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